News Round-Up: October 10, 2011


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Challenges to Natural Gas Fracking Escalate

Texas, a state notorious for its embrace of fossil fuel industries, and where 85% of new wells are developed using natural gas fracking, they are taking steps to limit the practice.

Ohio University Against Plans To Auction Land In Wayne National Forest

Ohio University is on the record as being opposed to the plan to auction leases for gas and oil development in the state’s only national forest.

Shortcut on Fracking a Huge Mistake

Despite repeated requests from residents, environmental groups and local officials to slow down the environmental review and rule-making processes related to the state’s proposal for high-volume hydraulic fracturing in upstate New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Department of Environmental Conservation last week rejected that path.

Greens Seek Fracking Moratorium

A petition to halt a controversial fuel extraction process in New Zealand has arrived in Timaru.


BREAKING NEWS: UNO Scientist Claims BP Spill Produced Carcinogens, Toxins

A scientist at the University of New Orleans says she has new information about the impact of the BP oil spill on humans.

Alaskan Natives Speak Out After Obama Greenlights Oil Drilling Off Alaskan Coast

On October 3, 2011, the Obama administration said it was moving forward with oil-drilling leases off the coast of Alaska issued by the Bush administration in 2008. The leases had been challenged by environmental groups, opposition that gained momentum after the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Drilling It In

Since 1981, a moratorium against offshore oil drilling has been renewed by every Congress. There has been almost constant debate and concern over the moratorium in recent years as direct result of rising gas (petroleum) prices and political pressure by (mostly) Republican politicians from oil-rich states.

U.S. Wildcat Culture Risks Macondo Oil Spill Repeat, Graham Says

The U.S. risks a repeat of the 2010 Macondo oil spill as its “wildcat culture” fails to put a premium on safety and security, the co-chairman of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill said.


Japan: The Nuclear Village

How close was the Fukushima meltdown to becoming a far larger disaster? Closer than most people know. And, yet, the details of the aftermath may surprise you.

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