News Round-Up: November 9, 2011


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Oil Executive: Military-Style ‘Psy Ops’ Experience Applied

Last week’s oil industry conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston was supposed to be an industry confab just like any other — a series of panel discussions, light refreshments and an exchange of ideas.

US EPA Working on Standards for Gas Fracking Water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a schedule to develop standards for wastewater discharges produced by natural gas extraction from underground coal bed and shale formations  (“fracking”). No comprehensive set of national standards exists at this time for the disposal of wastewater discharged from natural gas fracking, and over the coming months EPA will begin the process of developing a proposed standard with the input of stakeholders – including industry and public health groups.

Fracking on the Ballot Box in Three Pa. Communities

Vot­ers in three Penn­syl­va­nia com­mu­ni­ties will decide whether or not to allow drilling in the Mar­cel­lus Shale. The ref­er­en­dums are the first time any Penn­syl­va­nia vot­ers will weigh in directly on the con­tro­ver­sial gas drilling method known as hydraulic frac­tur­ing, or frack­ing. It may also be the first time in the coun­try, that vot­ers get an up or down vote on energy devel­op­ment. Frack­ing uses high-pressure water, sand and chem­i­cals to mine nat­ural gas.


New US Offshore Oil Leasing Plan Includes Arctic

The Obama administration on Tuesday proposed a new plan for offshore oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Alaska, including the environmentally sensitive Arctic.

11-7-11: Mary Lee Orr, Dr. Mike Robichaux, Dr. Robert Dickey on BP Oil Spill

Mary Lee Orr, Executive director at Louisiana Evniromntal Action Network, Dr. Mike Robichaux, Ear, Nose, & throat Doctor seeing oil spill victims in Raceland, and Dr. Robert Dickey, Director of th FDA Gulf Coast Seafood Lab join Garland to speak of the health hazards from the BP Oil spill.

Evidence Shows Gulf Oil Spill Caused Widespread Ecological Damage

Evidence is mounting that the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster caused wide-ranging ecological damage in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

BP Escapes Impact on Brand Reputation

Just over a year ago I wrote a column that predicted the imminent demise of the BP brand. I pointed out that when a brand is positioned around associations like ’green’ and ’integrity’ and then commits the worst oil spill in modern times as a result of negligence and systemic mismanagement,the game is up.


Tsunami, Meltdown, Yen Crisis: Could Things in Japan Get Any Worse?

Japan’s economy has suffered one unfortunate turn after another. But there may also be greater forces at work than simple bad luck.

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