News Round-Up: March 30, 2012


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Shale Oil “Flaring” Is Dirty Secret of U.S. Oil Boom

Given the economic, energy and climate change challenges we face, you’d think it wouldn’t be necessary to write a column illustrating how it makes no sense to “flare” — literally burn up — $110 million worth of perfectly good natural gas each year without even using it to power a single light bulb.

Fracking Fears in Dan River Basin

Even as he shovels load after load of black, sticky muck off of his boat ramp, Glenn Bozorth has time to admire the Dan River’s beauty.

Fracking Company Refuses to Speak with Impacted Landowners; Protest Ensues

On the morning of Wednesday, March 26, over 30 anti-fracking activists from across West Virginia and Appalachia picketed the Bridgeport office of EQT Energy. The group of activists were supporting two landowners, Eileen and Jim Burke, who came from Doddridge County to try and meet with officials about concerns they had about about EQT’s shale gas operations near their property.

Tioga Landowners May OK Propane Fracking

An upstate New York landowners group may partner with a Canadian company that uses liquid propane instead of controversial water-based hydraulic fracturing to get natural gas flowing into wells.


Photos Document BP Oil Still Contaminates “Cleaned” Louisiana Marshes, State Officials Say

Wetland areas in north Barataria Bay and the Pass a Loutre Wildlife Management Area at the mouth of the Mississippi River continue to show signs of oil that state officials say is from the BP oil spill, according to photos posted on Flickr by the state Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.

Avoiding the Next Arctic Oil Disaster

Twenty-three years ago, the Exxon Valdez ran aground on Bligh Reef and spilled over 11 million gallons of oil into the pristine waters and rich fishing grounds of Alaska’s Prince William Sound. Contaminating 1,500 miles of Alaskan shoreline, it was the largest oil spill ever in U.S. waters until the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

No Sign of Oyster Recovery Two Years After BP Oil Spill

With the second anniversary of the BP oil spill fast approaching, attention is once again returning to the damaged Gulf environment, especially to its greatly diminished oyster production.

Senate Leader Advises Wary Friendship With Oil and Gas Industry

Senate President Gary Stevens, R-Kodiak, listed off a long list of past transgressions by Alaska’s oil and gas industry to the Chamber of Commerce on Thursday. From the Exxon Valdez oil spill to the Corrupt Bastards Club to what Stevens said was past “deliberate falsifications” by the oil and gas industry.


Japan Eases Limits in Nuke No-Go Zone for 1st Time

Japan is letting up to 16,000 people back into their homes around its leaking nuclear power plant, easing restrictions in the no-go zone for the first time since last year’s disasters.


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