News Round-Up: March 29, 2012


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Fracking Pipelines Currently Unregulated

Pipelines carrying natural gas from hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) operations are currently unregulated by the federal government, leaving a large gap in the reporting of leaks, corrosion and potential health hazards.

Two State House Republicans Call for Delay of Fracking in N.C.

Two state Republican lawmakers said Wednesday they will lead an effort to delay legalizing fracking in this state. The move casts doubt on plans by some in the state legislature who have been pushing to quickly legalize the controversial natural gas extraction technique.

Parliament’s Environment Watchdog Launches Fracking Inquiry

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment is to undertake an independent inquiry into the oil and gas mining practice known as “fracking” amid growing public concern about its capacity to pollute groundwater and cause earthquakes.

Pennsylvania Fracking Bill Puts Gag Order On Doctors, Union Says

A new law on hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania, intended to protect the public against health risks some say the process known as “fracking” poses, could make it harder for doctors to relay that information to patients, health care professionals in the state claim.


Gulf Coral Death Now ‘Definitively Linked’ to BP Oil Spill

Scientists have performed months of laboratory work and can now confirm that oil from BP’s blown-out well is causing the slow death of the deep-sea coral community in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulfport Council Chief: BP Inconsistent with Its Oil Spill Claims

City Council President Ricky Dombrowski said Wednesday that BP is ignoring a claim from Gulfport but recently paid a similar one from Gulf Shores, Ala.

Oil Spill Cleanup Workers Sought for Long-Term Health Study

State and federal health officials are asking anyone who worked on the BP oil spill cleanup to sign up for what has become the biggest study of its kind.

Gulf Dolphins Suffer Post-Oil Spill Illnesses

In Barataria Bay, La. (located in the northern Gulf of Mexico), bottlenose dolphins are suffering from severe illnesses – the aftermath of the BP oil spill, according to a report by Click Green.


Japan Admits Nuclear Plant Still Poses Dangers

The damage to the core of at least one of the meltdown-stricken reactors at Fukushima could be worse than previously thought, raising new concerns over the plant’s stability and complicating the post-disaster cleanup, a recent internal investigation has shown.

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