News Round-Up: June 8, 2011


Today’s essential reads.


States Aren’t Backing Fracking

State governments are hesitant to let miners go ahead with fracking. Hydraulic fracturing is a fairly new drilling process that involves injecting large amounts of water mixed with chemicals and sand into shale deposits to release the natural gas trapped within.

Assembly Revisits Fracking Freeze

The State Assembly has passed another hydraulic fracturing moratorium, this time banning the drilling technique through June 1, 2012. But the legislation is only symbolic unless the Senate passes the bill and the governor signs it.

Fracking Takes Flak as Santa Barbara County Supervisors Explore Oil, Gas Drilling Regulations

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors took a long look at the oil and gas industry’s practice of hydraulic fracturing Tuesday. While the process may not be a household term, there was plenty of opinion about the matter — for and against.


Jerry Cope: Government Oversight Committee Demands Economic Considerations for Gulf Safety Regs

The Committee on Government Oversight and Responsibility released its report The BP Oil Spill Recovery Effort: The Legacy of Choices Made by the Obama Administration on the BP blowout last week and it is strongly positioned as a broad attack on the Obama administration’s response to the BP oil spill.

Government Investigates Floating Oil Near Louisiana Coast

The federal government is investigating reports of floating oil in the waters near Venice, La., but has not yet discovered the source of that crude.

Company Says Its Containment System Can Go Beyond Gulf of Mexico

A Houston company says it has developed a system ready to respond to oil spills worldwide using concepts engineered for the Gulf of Mexico after last year’s BP disaster.
Another Drilling Threat

For three years, lawmakers and U.S. officials have known about the Scarabeo 9, a semisubmersible rig that, come this fall, is expected to begin drilling in Cuban waters.


White House & NRC Recommend 50 Mile Fukushima Evacuation, Yet Insist US Safe With Only 10

Fairwinds Video – Arnie Gunderson

Homeowners Lose Cell Tower Battle

A Tuesday night vote in favor of a cell tower ends a fight between Coweta County homeowners and commissioners.The Coweta County commissioners have approved a new T-Mobile tower on Lower Fayette Road, between Sullivan Road and Shenandoah Boulevard. Opponents said the last thing they need in their backyards is a huge tower disguised as a tree.

Putting Cellphone Risks in Context

Like many other people umbilically linked to my mobile e-mailing, tweets, calls and texts, I’m concerned by the World Health Organization’s recent findings regarding mobile phone use and brain tumors. This latest pronouncement prods me to make some lifestyle changes — my favourite one being to waste less time being a slave to my damn cellphone.

Cellcom Israel Announces a Purported Class Action Filed Against the Company

Cellcom Israel Ltd., announced today that a purported class action lawsuit against the Company and three other cellular operators was filed in the District Court of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, by an Israeli citizen, in connection with the allegation that the defendants mislead customers who buy accessories for carrying cellular handsets or do not disclose to them relevant data concerning radiation hazards associated with the usage of accessories for carrying cellular handsets, allegedly contrary to the cellular handsets manufacturers’ instructions and warnings and the Israeli Ministry of Health’ recommendations.

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