News Round-Up: June 22, 2012


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Fracking Around

Dave Garcia recalled the first time he showed the widely acclaimed 2010 documentary film Gasland—which looks at the effects of natural-gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale located beneath New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia—at a March 2011 house party hosted by the local Yahi Group of the Sierra Club.

NWF Reviews Ohio, Mich. Fracking Laws

State laws governing fracking of shale gas deposits in Michigan and Ohio need revision as the practice gains momentum, a legal review found.

N.J. OKs Bill Banning Waste from Hydraulic Fracturing

Lawmakers have approved legislation that bans hydraulic fracturing byproducts created in other states from entering New Jersey.

What The Frack? Most Americans Don’t Know What Hydraulic Fracturing Is

Take nothing for granted. That is the most important thing to remember when communicating with the public — or the media or any other group for that matter. Readers of Climate Progress are  immersed in the details of climate science and energy policy, but the vast majority of people aren’t.


Still Suffering After BP Oil Spill, Fishermen Fear Extinction

Gary Barthelemy says he may never recover from the catastrophic BP oil spill, has zero cash flow and the total demise of a once successful industry is nigh.

Lawyers say Timely Payments Vital in Spill Deal

Gulf Coast residents who suffered economic damages in the 2010 oil spill must start receiving payments soon under a proposed settlement to give the deal credibility, participants in a Houston meeting on the proposal said.

Canada Oil Spills Create Controversy

The Canadian economy is still based on petroleum so it’s inevitable that some pipeline accidents will occur in oil-heavy areas, the energy minister said.

Ocean Systems in Peril

The ocean’s phytoplankton, also known as marine algae, [are] the planet’s most important organisms.  They generate at least half of the oxygen we breathe, and are a vital component in the ocean’s food chain.


Fukushima Plant Faces Typhoon Summer Plus Tornado Threat

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501)’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant faces its second typhoon season since the March 11 disaster last year, raising the risk of further radiation leaks if storms thrash exposed pools of uranium fuel rods or tanks holding contaminated water.

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