News Round-Up: June 13, 2012


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Fracking Illustrated: A Guide to Shale Oil Extraction

In North Dakota, energy companies are using horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing to tap oil in a layer called the Bakken. Take a look at how it works.

Federal Study Looking at Whether Fracking Fluids, Faults

On June 8, Platts reported that federal researchers are looking into whether hydraulic fracturing or fracking fluids can travel thousands of feet via geologic faults into drinking water aquifers.

NC Senate Panel OKs Framework to Regulate Fracking

A state Senate panel recommended a framework Tuesday for the state of North Carolina to follow while legalizing a controversial form of natural gas drilling.

Tom Mulcair Blasts Fracking Plans in New Brunswick

Federal New Democratic Party Leader Tom Mulcair warned Rothesay residents about the potential problems with shale gas exploration during a byelection campaign stop in the southern New Brunswick town on Sunday.


Study Says Thousands of Jobs Could Be Created With BP Oil Spill Penalties

A study commissioned by two nonprofit groups says thousands of jobs would be created along the Gulf Coast if money from BP oil spill penalties and other sources were dedicated to coastal restoration.

Supporters Struggle to Buy Time for Endangered State Parks

When Ernest Chung started mountain biking in China Camp State Park two decades ago, he never worried about where the money came from to preserve the tree-covered hills, dirt trails and rocky shoreline.

BP Starts Up Galapagos Project in Gulf of Mexico

BP PLC (BP, BP.LN) said Tuesday it has begun work on the deepwater Galapagos project in the Gulf of Mexico, one of the U.K. oil giant’s six high-margin projects it expects to start in 2012.

New Gulf Oil Spill Claims Administrator’s Message: We Are Not BP. We Are Here To Help.

Patrick Juneau, the new court-appointed oil-spill claims administrator, began his four-state tour of 18 claims offices Monday with a powerful message: We are not from BP or the government, and we are here to help. Monday was the first day that victims of the 2010 Gulf oil spill could file claims under a class settlement negotiated in March, estimated to cost BP around $7.8 billion.


Fukushima Evacuees Failed by Information Flow

Breakdowns in communication caused extra confusion and contributed to the distress of residents evacuated from their homes following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, a survey carried out for the Japanese Diet has revealed.

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