News Round-Up: June 1, 2012


Today’s Essential Reads


Fracking’s Interstate Pollution Needs U.S. Rules, Scientist Says

Air and water pollution from natural- gas and oil production using hydraulic fracturing moves across state lines, so the drilling should be regulated by the federal government, a Cornell University scientist said.

IEA Releases Rules for Shale Gas Operations

Over the past decade, natural gas production in the United States has exploded, with the nation becoming the world’s top producer of the hydrocarbon.

Fracking Will Cause Water Pollution

International petroleum group Shell could spend up to 200 million US dollars (about 1.4 billion rand) in the exploration phase of its plans to extract shale gas in the Karoo.

Fracking Risks in Alabama

A national treasure that provides delight to many Alabamians and a habitat for wildlife is at risk.


Gulf of Mexico Leak Estimates Return To Haunt BP

Oil major BP may face a federal investigation on whether company officials deliberately lied to the government about estimates relating to the size of the Gulf of Mexico spill. According to sources quoted by the Wall Street Journal, investigators are looking into statements made by BP’s executives, trying to see if they provided the best estimates regarding the rate at which oil was leaking from the well.


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