News Round-Up: August 28, 2012


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Destroying Precious Land for Gas

ON the northern tip of Delaware County, N.Y., where the Catskill Mountains curl up into little kitten hills, and Ouleout Creek slithers north into the Susquehanna River, there is a farm my parents bought before I was born. My earliest memories there are of skipping stones with my father and drinking unpasteurized milk. There are bald eagles and majestic pines, honeybees and raspberries. My mother even planted a ring of white birch trees around the property for protection.

Council Refuses to Respond to Fracking Opponents

The Taranaki Regional Council is refusing to respond to opponents of fracking over their concerns about the controversial mining technique in the area.

Fracking Opponents Rally; Cuomo’s Decision on Gas Drilling Nears

More than 1,000 demonstrators marched to New York’s state Capitol on Monday to keep up the pressure on Gov. Andrew Cuomo as he prepares to decide whether to allow shale gas drilling using high-volume hydraulic fracturing after four years of studying its health and environmental impacts.

More Than 1,000 March in Albany Against Fracking

When more than 1,000 people marched in the streets of downtown Albany to protest hydraulic fracturing on Monday, they left little doubt who they were targeting.


Could the BP Spill Still be Killing the Dolphins?

Environmental Attorney Stuart Smith observed to The Louisiana Weekly, “We have had massive dolphin die offs in the past 24 months, tremendous falls in shrimp populations, and no one in the local media has reported on this—or reasoned that there could be any connection to the oil spill.”

Louisiana Plans for Gulf Oil Dredged by Isaac’s Force

Tropical Storm Isaac, projected to become a hurricane with 100 mile-per-hour winds when it makes landfall, may dredge up as much as 1 million barrels of oil buried in sediment in the Gulf of Mexico since the BP Plc (BP/) spill two years ago, a Louisiana official said.

Gulf Oil Spill Defenses Facing a Test with Isaac

Sand dunes and a rock barrier built to help contain the 2010 Gulf oil spill are being watched for their effectiveness in shielding this fragile coastline from Isaac.

Jindal Displeased with Obama’s Tropical Storm Isaac Federal Disaster Declaration

This weekend, the Tropical storm Isaac has begun to threaten Louisiana. Governor Jindal, who opted to stay home from the GOP convention and manage the storm crises inflicting the state said at a recent news conference that now is not the time for politics that there will be plenty of time for politics.


The Health Effects of Fukushima

The stresses of personal involvement in the evacuation, management and cleanup related to the Fukushima nuclear accident have emerged as the biggest factors in ill health for Japanese people.

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