News Round-Up: August 27, 2012


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Mayor Bloomberg, Fracker-in-Chief?

In the late 1980s, George Mitchell, owner of Mitchell Energy & Development Corporation with a degree in petroleum engineering from Texas A&M, wanted a method that could find and extract formerly unseen deposits of natural gas. With a combination of horizontal drilling and something known as hydraulic fracturing, Mitchell pioneered the use of ‘fracking’ – a practice that pumps toxic chemicals into the Earth to simply push out the goods. Soon enough, gas companies picked up the money-making practice, spawning a new gas boom across America.

Doctors Fight “Gag Orders” Over Fracking Chemicals

When several unrelated patients visited McMurray, Pa.-based plastic surgeon Amy Paré, MD, she initially was unsure what to make of the bleeding, oozing legions covering their faces.

City Leadership Must Stand Up for the Lives of Fort Collins Residents

City Council should include the health impacts of hydraulic fracturing in oil-gas staff committee’s purview of necessary research in their report to council. Regulation is a significant aspect, but more so is health: “living within a half-mile of an oil-gas well significantly increases one’s risk for cancer” (cf. McKenzie, et al.).

Emotions Run High in Gas Drilling Debate

New York may be weeks or even days away from seeing the first drilling permits allowing hydraulic fracturing, according to a story reported by CBS Evening News last Sunday that sent shockwaves through the Southern Tier’s supporters and opponents of fracking. According to the report, a decision is expected after Labor Day, also recognizing that New York will have the strictest regulations in the nation should fracking be allowed.


Oil Drill Firm Headed by Deepwater Disaster Boss

The former British Petroleum (BP) boss who resigned in the wake of the catastrophic 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill is the man behind the company set to acquire significant oil interests in Maltese waters.

Isaac Might Hit Oil, Gas Heart

Tropical Storm Isaac has a 50 percent probability of moving into the heart of the oil and gas production region including south Louisiana, according to predictions late Thursday.

BP to be Hit with $5M Class-Action Lawsuit Over Tainted Fuel

Two law firms are bringing a class-action lawsuit against BP Corp. North America seeking $5 million in damages on behalf of consumers who bought tainted gasoline from the oil giant in four states during the past week.

Mexico Federal Government Hiding Results of 2010 BP Oil Spill

On April 20, 2010 the Deepwater Horizon oil spill flowed unabated for three months. It was the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. Resulting from the spill were major lawsuits against BP, the company responsible for the spill and 11 human deaths the day of the explosion. The damage to the entire ecosystem contained in the Gulf of Mexico continues.


Don’t Drop Ball on Nuclear Safety-IAEA Chief

Improving global nuclear safety after last year’s Fukushima disaster must remain an urgent concern, despite improvements already made, the U.N. atomic agency chief said on Monday.

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