News Round-Up: August 15, 2011


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VIDEO: Workers Caught Without Masks Fracking in Colorado, Cloud of Chemicals Pose Possible Danger

Citizen activists in the natural gas drilling hotspot of western Garfield County, Colo., apparently caught Halliburton employees on tape working in and around a cloud of hydraulic fracturing sand emanating from tanker trucks near a Williams natural gas well pad in Parachute last week.

U.S. Report Addresses Fracking Impact

A U.S. report on hydraulic fracturing is calling for more oversight of shale gas production to reduce its environmental impact and improve safety.

Third State Likely to Pass Fracking Disclosure Law

Colorado is following Texas’ lead in passing legislation to disclose the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing.

Aussie Landholders Lock Gates to Keep Out Coal Seam Gas Industry

In Australia, landholders are responding to the country’s rush to exploit massive reserves of unconventional coal seam gas with a simple but defiant gesture. They’re locking their gates.


100,000 Oil-Spill Plaintiffs Get a Trial Date With BP

Trial for the Deepwater Horizon explosion will begin Feb. 27, 2012 and will be broken into three phases, the judge overseeing the consolidated oil-spill litigation said. There are more than 100,000 plaintiffs in the litigation so far.

Arctic Oil Drilling is Back: Domestic Oil Exploration After Deepwater Horizon

Big Oil = bad Idea. We now have the ability to convert any car to electric.why are we still exploring for oil when we know it comes with so many harmful side effects. Sure, oil is a fundamental resource, but use it sparingly where it is most beneficial, not just burn it off heading to soccer practice. we need oil for all the products it produces, but the internal combustion engine’s days should be numbered.


Shell Oil Leak in North Sea Raises Memories of BP Gulf Oil Spill

Shell Oil has acknowledged an oil leak from a pipeline serving the Gannet Alpha platform in the North Sea. As the leak arises on the line bringing oil back to the platform from the undersea well, news media in England and the European continent naturally raise the spectre of that measure of all oil spills, the BP Gulf Oil Spill disaster. One thing is already clear, though: this is no BP.

Gulf Shores, Orange Beach Leaders Concerned About Tar Mat

City leaders in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach say a large tar mat has been spotted floating offshore, and they’re concerned about BP’s next move.


California Researchers Detect Radioactive Release From Fukushima Plant

California scientists witnessed a spike in radioactive airborne material in March following the meltdown of Japan’s wrecked Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant, a study showed.

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