News Round-Up: April 30, 2012


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Drought Conditions Stall Water Withdrawals for Fracking

Low water levels in the Susquehanna River Basin are impacting the water withdrawals necessary for fracking.

Landmark Fracking Lawsuit starts with Twist in Alberta

A landmark lawsuit against an energy giant and two Alberta government regulatory agencies concerning water well contamination by hydraulic fracturing started with an unusual twist in Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench yesterday.

Fracking Study Requests Extension

The Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission, chaired by Dean of the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics David Vanko, is asking Gov. Martin O’Malley to extend a study regarding the conflict-ridden practice of hydraulic fracturing in western Maryland.

Residents, Officials Disagree On Air Quality Study Results

Area residents and officials on both sides of the natural gas drilling issue are at odds over a recent air quality study that indicates an elevated level of dangerous compounds at a pad site in Colleyville, near the Southlake border.


Scientist Defends Research on Heavy Metals in Oysters

In the two years since the BP oil spill, most scientific research on its effects falls into one of two categories — seafood safety or environmental damage.

Public Speaks Out on Ocean Blasting for Oil

Concerned citizens, fishermen, surfers and environmentalists voiced their opposition April 27 at the Convention Center here to a proposal to set off seismic blasts in the Atlantic Ocean from the New Jersey/Delaware line to Florida to locate offshore oil deposits for possible future drilling.

Orange Beach Developer Wants BP to Pay Loss Claim

Developers of an Orange Beach condo project say BP should pay out a claim they filed for losses they say resulted from the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP to Begin Restoration in Gulf, but Texas Holding Out

About $60 million worth of coastal restoration projects to be paid for by British petroleum giant BP PLC are about to begin in every Gulf Coast state except Texas.


Public Deserves to be Informed of Looming Fukushima Disaster and Ron Paul’s Delegate Success

An earthquake centered 43 miles off the coast of Japan last March triggered a tsunami that reached heights of more than 130 feet. The Japanese coastal cities and towns were destroyed when the wave washed up to six miles inland on March 11.

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