News Round-Up: April 26, 2012


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‘Fracking’ Dump in La Vernia Raises Concerns

More than 200 people packed the La Vernia Chamber of Commerce Hall Wednesday night to air concerns over a proposed disposal well near several residential properties.

Fracking Requires a Minimum Distance from Sensitive Rock Strata

The chances of rogue fractures due to shale gas fracking operations extending beyond 0.6 kilometres from the injection source is a fraction of one percent, according to new research led by Durham University.

Fracking Action Network Hosts Public Forum

Concerned Athens-area citizens gathered at Ohio University Wednesday night to learn more about possible effects the process of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, could have on the community.

Capture Methane Emissions in Natural Gas Production From ‘Fracking’

The controversy that has erupted over methane emissions from shale gas production raises a difficult issue that deserves examination in the light of evidence that it might be compounding the global-warming problem.


Communities File Suit Against BP

Mobile and Baldwin counties as well as Dauphin Island and Bayou La Batre are included as plaintiffs in a new lawsuit filed against oil giant BP. The hope is that BP settles quickly and these communities get money without having to go to court.

Engineer Arrested, Feds Probe BP’s Spill Response

By arresting a former BP engineer Tuesday, federal prosecutors for the first time showed their hand in the Gulf oil spill case, saying they were probing whether BP PLC and its employees broke the law by intentionally lowballing how much oil was spewing from its out-of-control well.

Judge May Give Initial OK to BP Settlement

A federal judge on Wednesday said he may grant preliminary approval to billions of dollars in civil claim settlements stemming BP Plc’s 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Judge ‘Leaning Favorably’ Toward Approving BP Oil Spill Settlement

A federal judge said Wednesday that he’s “leaning favorably” toward preliminarily approving BP’s proposed $7.8 billion settlement with Gulf Coast residents and businesses hurt by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and said he will issue a written order “in the next several days.”


Evacuated Fukushima Town Sets Up Whole-Body Dosimeter at Temporary Housing Complex

The municipal government of Namie, a town which was evacuated due to the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant, has set up a whole-body dosimeter at a temporary housing complex here in a bid to promote its own efforts to monitor residents’ health.


  • Sir,

    Thank you for posting our meeting in La Vernia, TX. We are attempting to prevent a LLC operator from utilizing a 19 year old non-commercial saltwater disposal well as a commercial disposal well. His application for permit states they will be injecting up to 15,000 barrels per day. The existing well is located approximately 250 feet from a residence.

  • Hydraulic Fracturing a Danger to us All.

    Only the wicked in mind Leaders in this Nation and around the world would let anyone Pipe Pollution into the ground to get gas in return from the Ground. Most all scientist have know this for many years that this will end safe drinking water for all that are in the area of where they are fracturing, in which Millions of Gallons of Dangerous Poison Chemically Treated Water are forced underground to break up rock and free gas. We need regulations from GODLY People that will stop 10,000+ wells a year drilled using hydraulic fracturing to free and make the Dangerous Poison Chemicals underground into gas. The primarily affect will be unsafe drinking water and many will become sick. THE HEALTH OF MANY WILL DETERIORATE because of A Few Wicked Greedy Leaders. Those who have made these decisions do not know Jesus Christ. Soon He will say i know you not. They belong in jail soon it will be hell for them. What sick in mind would let or want anyone to put Dangerous Poison Chemicals underground or into the ground anywhere.

    The wicked are trying to sell and tell all if it is not near your home or land it is safe. This is the biggest ling of horse manure. Do they think most of We The People are that dumb or that most Americans lack any intelligence at all. What ever is put on or in the ground makes it way to our underground Aquifers, Rivers, Lakes and the Oceans. Every Scientist on Earth knows this and most all that have made it to eighth grade in school.

    So why would any Leader with a good healthy mind ever say or want this?

    Vote any wicked that has anything to do with this out of office they work for WE THE PEOPLE.

    United We Stand In GOD We Trust

    The Lord’s Little Helper
    Paul Felix Schott

Stuart H. Smith is an attorney based in New Orleans fighting major oil companies and other polluters.
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