News Round-Up: April 10, 2012


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Greens Blast Industry ‘Misinformation’ on EPA ‘Fracking’ Rules

Major environmental groups on Monday urged the White House to reject attempts by the oil and gas industry to soften upcoming Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air pollution standards for natural-gas drilling.

Earthquakes Linked To Natural Gas Drilling’s Waste Water Wells, Says USGS

A U.S. Geological Survey team is preparing ready to publish a report that has drawn a link between hydraulic fracturing and an increase in earthquakes in the U.S.

Hydraulic Fracturing Threatens Water, Health

I would be very alarmed if any company employed hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking,” on any oil and gas wells anywhere in Montana — and it is reportedly commonplace in eastern Montana.

Hollywood star Matt Damon is hunting for some “great character faces” for a feature film he is making with director Gus Van Sant said to be critical about fracking for natural gas.


BP Outlines Drilling Plans

A short drive to Salem starting today will set 1,954 owners of some 84,000 Trumbull County acres on a lifelong journey that is expected to take much of the Mahoning Valley’s economy along for the ride.

BP Meets with County Officials, Met By Protesters

British Petroleum recently announced a huge $330 million investment in Trumbull County, buying up 84,000 acres of land from the Associated Landowners of the Ohio Valley to be leased for oil and gas drilling.

Total’s North Sea Leak Draws Comparisons with BP

Oil giant Total has moved to reassure investors and environmental activists over the past week that the financial and environmental damage from its gas leak in the North Sea would be limited, a task made more difficult by comparisons to BP’s handling of a catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico nearly two years ago.

MSNBC: Are Dolphins Doomed? They’re Certainly Taking a Hit

Several mass deaths of dolphins have occurred over the past few years and while experts are worried about the die-off they say we are not witnessing a global population crash.


Japan Closer to Restarting First Reactors Since Fukushima

Japan’s government approved new safety measures for nuclear reactors, taking a step toward restarting the first atomic plant since the Fukushima disaster and to avert electricity shortages this summer that could set back the country’s economic recovery.

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