NEW FEATURED VIDEO: But Will the Seafood Be Safe to Eat in Two Years?


There’s plenty of debate over the study by a Texas A&M professor that predicts the Gulf Coast will be pretty much back to normal in two years, but the arguments so far tend to focus on seafood “populations.” Even if you buy the study’s estimates – and few are – you have to acknowledge that “restored” populations do not mean the seafood is safe to eat. There’s a big difference – and many people’s livelihoods hang in the balance.

As we’ve noted here previously, recent research has found oil contaminants in both seafood and people. The government is basing its official “all clear” on seafood safety on ineffective testing and consumption levels that would be a joke if they didn’t put health at risk.

In Alaska, some fish populations tanked several years after the Exxon spill, and the fact is that we just don’t know what dumping 2 million gallons of dispersant into the Gulf will bring over the coming years. But we do know a rush to judgment could come back to haunt us for generations.

How’s the two-year impact study going over in the Gulf? The WWL-TV video out of New Orleans gives a glimpse.

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