Mr. Feinberg Eyes Yet Another Victims’ Compensation Fund


Having done such a bang-up job here in the Gulf, BP claims czar Kenneth Feinberg is looking to expand his victims-compensation niche business by taking over the new 9/11 compensation fund when it launches later this year.

The Washington bureau of the New York Daily News says that Mr. Feinberg “wants the job” and that he already has the backing of U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who has sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder voicing that support.

“We must ensure fairness and efficiency and I can think of no one more qualified and respected than Ken Feinberg to ensure this compensation system immediately addresses the healthcare needs of the heroes who were sickened after coming to the defense of their country,” Schumer said.

Oh yes, that’s just what Gulf residents need to hear – already failing to respond to so many of their claims, Mr. Feinberg is poised to move on to the next project.

And the Daily News says that “…. Feinberg is extremely well-regarded in Washington, but many in the 9/11 community are deeply suspicious of him and his past work. And some are concerned that he doesn’t know them well enough, and that he might not have time to reacquaint himself while his firm is also overseeing the BP oil disaster fund.”

This is certainly one for the “stay tuned” file. See the Daily News piece here:

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