Mississippi Attorney General Asks for Claims Intervention


Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood says a Louisiana federal judge should correct deficiencies in the claims process related to the $20 billion victims compensation fund run by Ken Feinberg.

JACKSON, Miss. –Hood wrote Monday in a court filing in New Orleans that his state has an interest in how the judge rules on a plaintiffs lawyers’ request for the court to supervise communications between Feinberg and people seeking money from the fund.

Among other things, lead attorneys suing BP over the Gulf of Mexico disaster want the judge to force changes to a release form that requires people who get a final payment from the fund to give up their right to sue responsible parties.

Barbier has yet to rule on the Dec. 21 request. Feinberg’s office declined to comment on Hood’s filing.

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  • here is an example, if a person took the quick pay option and received 5000 dollars that means they signed there rights a way to at least 124 companies and bp of course. now all bp was to do is get around 40 dollars from each of the 124 companies and they will have made back their money. this excludes the emergency payment they received ofcourse, but still.

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