Minorities Overlooked for Post-Spill Cleanup Work


We’re echoing an important story today about how some minority groups have been treated in the post-spill cleanup – and it’s not encouraging. According to the piece from ColorLines, people of color have been disturbingly under-represented in the response effort.

You should take the time to read the report from Brentin Mock…the raw numbers are telling:

For federal contracts, only 3.5 percent of dollars are going to small disadvantaged businesses. Only five of 410 vendors – just over 1 percent – receiving contracts from the feds are black-owned, while nine are Latino-owned. In Louisiana, African Americans make up 31 percent of the population, 35.5 percent in Mississippi and 25 percent in Alabama. The percentages of Latinos are far lower in these states, though accurate population data is scarce due to the challenges of enumerating undocumented residents.

Of course, the fact that African Americans and Latinos have not been profiting from the cleanup is not exactly dominating national news. Instead, we’re hearing more and more about how illegal residents are making out like bandits. Again, this is part of the strategy to move BP yet another step away from “making it right.”

Read Bretin Mock’s article here: http://colorlines.com/archives/2010/09/post_102.html

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