Masking the Truth


BP and others have released very few facts so far and due to the dearth of information at the moment, there is no way to know what truly happened 40 miles out into the Gulf on the Deepwater Horizon rig and what is happening now, a mile beneath the surface. BP could clear up a lot of questions about the nature of the spill by being transparent and releasing information to the public and to industry. I fear we will learn somewhere down the road that this well is leaking oil at a much faster rate than we are being told.

Due to the total lack of transparency on the part of BP and Halliburton, a team of independent law firms, on behalf of the United Commercial Fisherman’s Association and the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN), prepared subpoenas on May 4 from the U.S. District Court in and for the Eastern District of Louisiana to compel BP to provide pertinent information regarding the cause of the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe and its potential impact on human health and the environment. These subpoenas can be downloaded at

We need BP to release critically important information like the cement bond logs, the driller’s reports, the identity of the company that performed the pressure testing (M-I or Halliburton), the full video from the ROVs, pressure data, results of the well’s flow-potential tests, whether or not they were running a tool at the time of the blowout, whether the mud in the marine riser had been displaced, and all the other data that was streamed to Houston from the rig, leading up to the explosion. This is information owed to the public. Enough with notion that this should be considered proprietary and kept secret for BP’s economic benefit. That’s nonsense.

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