Louisiana authorities report oil sightings from Gulf of Mexico spill


Here is a list, released by Louisiana emergency officials, of areas where oil was sighted Thursday. The list is not a comprehensive tally of areas affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

St Bernard Parish

* Rainbow and dark brown oil, 100 feet by 200 yards, in Eloi Bay just north of Deadman Island.

Plaquemines Parish

* Oil sheen just north of the West Bay Oil and Gas Field.

* Light oil sheen with scattered recoverable emulsified oil, 40 yards wide by 2 miles long, in East Bay 1.86 miles northeast of the E-5 Tank Battery Seaplane Base.

* Quarter- to baseball-size tar balls on 200 yards of the shore 3 miles south-southwest of Cockler Point.

* Heavy oil sheen 1 mile long by 200 feet wide with dime-size light brown tar balls in Garden Island Bay 1.25 miles northeast of Port Eads.

* Patch of dime- to quarter-size tar balls, 5 miles long by 200 yards wide, in Breton Sound 1.65 miles west of West Point.

* Oil sheen, 50 yards wide and a quarter mile long, in Breton Sound 6.5 miles northwest of North Point.

Lafourche Parish

* Tar balls on the shore on the west side of Bell Pass.

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