Independent Team of Lawyers to fight Transocean’s move to limit their liability in the DEEPWATER HORIZON catastrophe


An independent team of lawyers, representing clients such as the United Commercial Fisherman’s Association and Louisiana Environmental Action Network, said they will fight a move by Transocean (and its Swiss parent company Triton) to limit their liability for the ecological, economic and human catastrophe unfolding in the U.S. Gulf Coast, said Stuart Smith, of Smith Stag, LLC.

Transocean has filed a lawsuit in Houston, Texas under federal admiralty law seeking to limit their liability in the catastrophe to only $26.7 million, and to compel all injured parties to file claims to that money by November 15, 2010

Attorney Smith said Transocean’s assertions that it is not liable for the entire scope of the harm caused by the rig’s failure and the resulting oil spill will be challenged.

Regardless of whether this process in Houston is allowed to move forward, Mr. Smith recommends that anyone believing they have suffered loss and injury due to the DEEPWATER HORIZON catastrophe and has a claim against Transocean should prepare to assert their claim, keep documentation of their loss, and consider whether they should hire an attorney.

“Obviously, an accelerated claims process is being considered.  All injured parties must take action to protect themselves,” said Mr. Smith.

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Stuart H. Smith is an attorney based in New Orleans fighting major oil companies and other polluters.
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