Increased Security for Orange Beach Feinberg Meeting (VIDEO)


ORANGE BEACH, Alabama – When Kenneth Feinberg returns to Orange Beach next week he will once again face some tough questions.

“I need you to help me understand why you are not paying legitimate claims, why?” Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon will lead the charge. “His decision making process makes sense if you are trying to save BP money and if you are trying to minimize pay outs and to minimize punitive litigation down the road. If you look at Mr. Feinberg as our advocate, then nothing makes sense.”

Businesses and individuals in Orange Beach continue to be paid only a percentage of what they claim. CPA certified claims are being turned down and the number of denied claims continue to rise. “Mr. Feinberg is God on earth. He has the checkbook and he has complete and total control and he answers to no one,” says Kennon.

Like all the public meetings with Feinberg in the past, this one will take place at the Orange Beach Rec. Center but you may notice something a little different. “We have increased our security measures with all this going on. You can’t not do it. We have no threats. We have no concern there is going to be an issue. We just want to make sure we take precautionary steps to make sure there are no problems,” says Kennon.

Emotions are running high as the physical signs of the oil spill continue to disappear and the financial damage lingers.

The meeting is open to the public. Doors will open Tuesday at 11:30 with the meeting starting at 12:45.

See video here:

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