High Marks for BP Oil Spill Documentary: “The Big Fix” Makes Top-10 List of Best Movies of 2011


Congratulations to co-directors (and Louisiana natives) Josh and Rebecca Tickell for the enormous and ongoing success of their oil spill documentary “The Big Fix.” The film – a masterful exposé of our nation’s worst environmental disaster – was just named one of the top 10 best “Hollywood South” films of 2011 by the Times-Picayune. The list, compiled by film critic Mike Scott, includes big-picture powerhouses like “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” and the “Green Lantern.” Clearly, “The Big Fix” finds itself in good company, and rightly so.

Scott’s criteria for making the list: “In order for a movie to be considered, it must have played at least once in a local theater during 2011. In addition, for this category – as the title suggests – it must boast significant local connections.” For Scott, the inclusion of “The Big Fix” was elementary: “This documentary, co-directed by Mandeville High School graduate Josh Tickell, does a nice job of explaining why the BP oil spill is anything but over.” The city of Mandeville is on the northern shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

If you still haven’t seen this film, I urge you to make the effort. It’s an eye-opening portrayal that every American should make a point of experiencing.

From Scott’s review of the film back in the fall when it premiered at the 22nd annual New Orleans film festival:

An explosive, attention-demanding, feature-length film focusing on the environmental fallout of the BP oil spill, “The Big Fix” – executive-produced by liberal actor-activists Peter Fonda and Tim Robbins – is another salvo against Big Oil fired by the Louisiana-raised eco-documentarian. It also furthers Tickell’s continuing mission of red-flagging the environmental impact of America’s runaway appetite for fossil fuels.

But the film doesn’t stop there. It digs much deeper – into dark areas and issues few people dare talk about. More from Scott’s review:

But this is not some simple, finger-wagging, “shame on you, BP” piece. This is a full-on, no-holds-barred bit of investigative journalism that shines a bright and troubling light not only on corporate greed but also on what Tickell paints as the epidemic-level governmental corruption that paved the way for the oil spill and that he says is helping to cover up the lingering effects.

As BP’s oil continues to wash ashore on our beaches and our government continues to protect the perpetrators, “The Big Fix” becomes more prophetic with each passing day. Again, I tip my hat to Josh and Rebecca for shedding light on our addiction to oil and the unholy government-industry partnership that fuels it.

Read Mike Scott’s full review of the film here: http://www.nola.com/movies/index.ssf/2011/10/bp_oil_doc_the_big_fix_helps_g.html

Review Mike Scott’s entire top-10 list here: http://www.nola.com/movies/index.ssf/2011/12/the_top_10_hollywood_south_mov.html

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