Hey, Let’s Blame The Rig Workers


The next step for BP in the post-gusher campaign is to shift responsibility for the spill, or at least dilute it. So why not blame the workers? It may seem incredible, but that’s already starting to happen based on various reports now circulating.

This is just chilling, popping up on the Wall Street Journal website on Sunday: United States investigators “are looking into why workers missed signs of an impending explosion” and have drawn up a list of more than 20 anomalies in the crew’s response to them.

The WSJ website, in reports starting to make the rounds, say that “investigators are also looking at decisions made by employees of Transocean Ltd, the rig’s owner, and disagreements between workers from the two companies.” The WSJ didn’t quote human sources, but cited a “document” put together by investigators. Transocean, of course, actually owned the rig that was being “leased” by BP.

At this point, when some still say it’s way too early to blame BP, when we’re supposed to be awaiting the outcome of all these reports and investigations, who would leak a report of such value? Hey, you wouldn’t want to get investigated by the government, would you? Well, the WSJ says it was prepared by the U.S. Coast Guard and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement – the old MMS, which more than any other public agency is responsible for the Deepwater Horizon.

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