Half Way ‘Round the World Vietnam Benefits from BP Spill


The Vietnamese-American fishing culture in Louisiana is taking a huge hit in the aftermath of the BP spill (see previous posts), but shrimp exporters in Vietnam are setting sales records, according to an AP report.

In a story highlighting the global implications of the spill’s impact on the Gulf seafood industry, the AP cites an industry group report that Vietman earned “… an estimated record high of $2 billion for its shrimp exports last year, as prawn-loving Americans paid more to satisfy their appetites, partly due to demand generated by the Gulf Coast oil spill.”

As you might expect, Japan remains the largest market for Vietnam’s shrimp with 57,000 tons of shrimp shipped there. The U.S. is the country’s second-largest market, with 48,000 tons. This year, the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters says, the United States had a 20 percent increase in volume and a whopping 40 percent increase in price.

Here’s a link to the AP story: http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/article/20110105/BUSINESS/101050340/1003/rss05

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