Gulf oil spill fund czar gets unlikely supporter


NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A Louisiana attorney suing BP over the Gulf oil spill opposes a request by fellow plaintiffs attorneys to rein in compensation fund czar Ken Feinberg, saying he believes Feinberg is doing a good job.

Daniel Becnel, whose firm represents a number of people and businesses affected by the disaster, says in court papers Tuesday that the claims process would be slowed down if U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier intervenes.

Among other things, the lead plaintiffs attorneys want changes made to a release form claimants must sign if they accept a final payment from Feinberg. They don’t want those claimants to have to give up their rights to sue certain parties.

Becnel says Feinberg is trying to help victims. He says other attorneys are trying to protect their legal fees.

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Stuart H. Smith is an attorney based in New Orleans fighting major oil companies and other polluters.
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