Greenpeace Brings Megaphone to Gulf Calling for More INDEPENDENT Research


Along with all the equipment and research scientists that Greenpeace brought to the Gulf this week, they included one immensely valuable tool – a giant megaphone. The group is adding a booming voice to the point we’ve been making here on this blog for months: We need research in the Gulf that’s not filtered through BP’s PR machine.

How much does Greenpeace agree with that? Here’s a quote from Phil Kline, a senior ocean campaigner working in the Gulf: “First you need to get some scientifically credible data…it’s time we get good independent research and not things that are filtered through the public relations department of BP.”

This is exactly what my clients – not just commercial fishermen and other businesses but groups like the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) – have been demanding for months. LEAN and other enviro groups have found disturbing evidence that the “official” narrative on both the amount of oil that remains in the Gulf and the extent of the pollution is dead wrong.

It’s great to see Greenpeace stepping up to make this important point. And let’s remember that a seemingly sound poll taken in the UK before the spill indicated that BP’s image campaign was so successful that it’s “green” credibility was greater than that of a well-known activist group, Greenpeace. We assume the poll numbers would be a little different today.

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