Fishermen win another concession from BP


The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana “stipulation” binds British Petroleum to honor commercial fishermen’s legal claims against BP even if fishermen received a “subsistence” payment

Consent Agreement signed on May 11 by all parties is attached.

Attorney James Garner, on behalf of United Fisherman’s Association and its President George Barisich, today issued this statement:

“On behalf of all commercial fishermen who have accepted payments from British Petroleum in recognition of their loss of earnings due to the DEEPWATER HORIZON catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S. District Court stipulation has made clear these payments in no way stop the individual from asserting their claims of loss against BP.

“Payments are being made by BP to commercial fishermen for lost earnings and for their assistance in mitigation and cleanup activities. This consent agreement confirms that these payments may be used to offset the fisherman’s ultimate and total claims against BP.

“Though BP had previously and voluntarily agreed to the content of this consent decree, United Fishermen’s Association entered court to make it formal. This stipulation  is binding in all jurisdictions.”

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