Feinberg Should Be Fired (VIDEO)


ORANGE BEACH, Alabama – “I don’t want him to resign. I want them to fire him.” Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon says claims czar Kenneth Feinberg has to go.

“I’m tired of his ego. I’m tired of him promoting himself as a saviour. He hasn’t honored his word so I have no respect for the man,” says Kennon.

Eleven days ago Kenneth Feinberg was in Alabama to meet privately with business owners and local leaders and heard personal stories of loss and the claims process. He promised change then but so far hasn’t delivered.

“He says all the right things. My words will be hollow, I must go back and show you that I mean to do the right thing by doing the right thing.” South Baldwin Chamber executive director Donna Watts was at that meeting and says Feinberg needs to be fired. “I think it is time for someone to review the job performance of Mr. Feinberg is doing. It’s not working. The system is broken and Mr. Feinberg and the people who work for him are setting themselves up as judge and jury and basically selecting who lives and who dies here.”

After taking over the claims process for BP three months ago, the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, headed by Feinberg has paid 356 million dollars in claims in Alabama. But for businesses still waiting for help, it’s not enough. “Ken Feinberg is slick. He’s a good poker player. He doesn’t tell you anything, he doesn’t show you anything, he just nods his head in agreement and then walks out and does nothing” says Kennon.

He will have some explaining to do Thursday when he meets with Senator Jeff Sessions in Washington.

See video here: http://www.wkrg.com/gulf_oil_spill/article/feinberg-should-be-fired/1202586/Nov-15-2010_6-13-pm/

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