Feinberg Fireworks In Florida (VIDEO)


TALLAHASEE, Florida – Claims czar Kenneth Feinberg talks to members of the Florida legislature about additional changes to the claims process. Some business owners have heard enough.

It started as a relatively routine meeting with Kenneth Feinberg. The man in charge of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility was meeting with members of the Florida legislature in Tallahassee. About an hour into the meeting several business owners walked out saying they had heard enough.

“Feinberg is a liar, we know he is a liar today,” sang Art Rocker with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. After the walkout these business owners addressed the media. They say they’re calling for a boycott of BP products in response to what they say is an unfair claims process.

“This was a human error, it was a manmade mistake, they need to pay us what we’re asking for, he may think it’s not fair we think it’s fair,” says Pensacola hotel owner Nash Patel.

Meanwhile Kenneth Feinberg answered questions and kept talking about an unspecified “final rule.” He says this new change in the claims process will help clearly define what is needed for proper documentation.

“This is my Achilles Heel, there is not enough transparency and we’re doing two things starting today to deal with greater transparency,” says GCCF Director Kenneth Feinberg. What exactly that final rule is and whether it will make a meaningful difference in the claims process remains to be seen. I’ll have more reports from Tallahassee later today.

See video here: http://www.wkrg.com/gulf_oil_spill/article/feinberg-fireworks-in-florida/1204881/Feb-18-2011_10-50-am/

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