Feinberg’s Quick Pay Claims Option (VIDEO)


Gulf Coast Claims Facility Administrator Kenneth Feinberg unveils “Quick Pay” claims option…an option some are calling “hush money.”

ORANGE BEACH, Alabama – Gulf Coast Claims Facility Administrator has announced a new way for oil spill victims to get paid. It’s called “quick pay”…and would give individual claimants a one-time payment of five-thousand dollars and business owners a check for 25-thousand dollars.

There is a catch…if claimants agree to “quick pay”…they waive their rights to any future payments from the GCCF and also agree not to sue BP.

Feinberg says claimants opting for quick pay would receive their lump-sum five thousand or 25-thousand dollar checks within 14 days.

Some people we spoke to say the quick pay option is “hush money”…a way for the GCCF to close out countless claims while protecting BP from lawsuits.

Feinberg also announced beginning this Friday, claimants who cannot afford an attorney to talk about the quick pay option or other claims options, will be provided a lawyer free of charge.

See video here: http://www.wkrg.com/gulf_oil_spill/article/feinbergs-quick-pay-claims-option/1203283/Dec-13-2010_6-54-pm/

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