FEATURED VIDEO: Enviro Group Releases Alarming Test Results on Human Health Effects and Seafood Safety


Test results from the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) that found oil contamination in Gulf residents have been kicking around for a couple weeks, but now a TV news report out of Louisiana offers what might be the best mainstream TV media look at the results so far.

As regular readers know, LEAN is a client of mine, and I’ve often noted the relentless and important work of my colleagues there. This was a study of five people, and it was found they all have elevated levels of toxins associated with the oil spill in their blood. Further, independent testing of seafood showed contamination that could not be detected with the infamous “sniff test” the government uses.

The report from the KLFY Eyewitness News team features Wilma Subra, who works with LEAN, as  well as a university biologist. And, of course, the standard denials from government sources are also included. But those “official” statements ring a bit hollow after the reporters point out that the government consumption guidelines for shrimp are based on a 175-pound man eating four to six shrimp per week.

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