EPA Testing the Gulf (VIDEO)


PENSACOLA – For months we have seen the oil washing up on our beaches from the oil spill.

The federal government has charted dozens of tar mats near the shore in our area but we still don’t know how much remains in the water further out.

This weekend, scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency are trying to find out.

Many people have been wondering what this big boat is docked here at Palafox Pier. Well it is the EPAs boat called The Bold, it will be heading out into the Gulf this weekend to do oil spill research, and we got to take a tour.

Doug Brown and his crew are on a mission they, along with EPA scientists, will be surveying the impact of dispersed oil, to see if it poses a problem in the shallow Gulf waters down to 100 feet.

The crew will be going to several sights in the Gulf where the EPA has surveyed before, spanning from Florida all the way to Mississippi.

That way, there is historical data to compare the results from before and after the spill.

The Bold has all the equipment necessary for the job once they get to a site, a spy camera will be lowered onto the sea floor.

The crew also will rely on this clam shell grabber, to take sediment samples as deep as a foot from wherever it lands.

See video here: http://www.weartv.com/newsroom/top_stories/videos/wear_vid_14540.shtml

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