Dispersant Use Hasn’t Stopped


Fishermen and other independent observers are continuing to contradict the official version of the BP spill, finding plenty of oil and plenty of evidence that the Coast Guard is “misspeaking” when it says that dispersant use has been halted. This is similar, of course, to initial official denials of the now-notorious underwater plumes of oil, which were denied and denied until the evidence became overwhelming. (And with oil-flow rate and dispersant use and other issues.)

Except this time the denials come as British Petroleum is, as one Gulf Coast mayor put it, packing their little red wagon and going home.

Ed Cake of Gulf Environmental Associates in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, is among those getting very methodical about observing the oil, documenting findings with letters to officials, and video of the work posted to the Internet. Cake and his associates are having no problem finding oil, and they document accounts from witnesses who are apparently seeing BP workers hand-spraying the water with what could be dispersant.

In a recent detailed report, Cake says that when his group’s vessel was stopped for sampling, “small, 0.5- to 1.0-inch-diameter bubbles would periodically rise to the surface and shortly thereafter they would pop leaving a small oil sheen. According to the fishermen, several of Bap’s Vessels-of-Opportunity (Carolina Skiffs with tanks of dispersants [Corexit?]) were hand spraying in Mississippi Sound off the Pass Christian Harbor in prior days/nights. It appears to this observer that the dispersants are still in the area and working their ‘magic’ on the oil in the water column.”

You can see for yourself by watching video from Cake and his associate Ada McMahon, along with photographs, at the Bridge The Gulf website: http://www.bridgethegulfproject.org/node/27 and http://www.bridgethegulfproject.org/

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