Dispersant Concern Grows


Lest you think that only Gulf-area scientists are concerned about opening oil spill waters to fishing, there’s a large and growing list of other researchers echoing that concern.

In an MSNBC report, Dr. Susan Shaw, a toxicologist at the Maine Environmental Research Institute voiced her concern about dispersant in the food chain: “It’s very late [to start this testing], and it’s premature to open those fishing grounds while they are still developing the test. I know that they are trying to inspire confidence in the seafood and some scientists actually do think that is OK, but I am not one of those scientists.”

Adds MSNBC: Until a few weeks ago, detecting dispersants in seafood was left to NOAA and FDA professional seafood assessors who are trained to detect adulterants by smelling samples of fish. When interviewed by MSNBC at the testing lab in Pascagoula, NOAA officials said they were not focused on finding dispersants because “the FDA has concluded the dispersant itself…is not a public health risk.”

You can see the report here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38694358/ns/us_news-environment/

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