Crack in the Armor: Feinberg Finally Urges Businesses to Seek Help From Lawyers With Experience in Large Damage Cases


Mr. Feinberg, the $20 billion fund administrator, has reversed his position on lawyer involvement in the claims process. Up to this point, the claims czar had discouraged victims from seeking legal counsel, saying there was no need to do so. Well, he’s changed his tune, as unpaid claims pile up – some 30-odd thousand – and victims become increasingly frustrated and outraged by the inefficiencies of the process. Mr. Feinberg made the reversal yesterday (Sept. 15) during a meeting in Orlando.

According to a Washington Post report: “…he [Feinberg] also urged businesses to seek help from lawyers experienced with large damage cases.”

The New York Times had this on the same topic: “In his Florida speech, Mr. Feinberg acknowledged a shift in his thinking on that score as well. ‘I am increasingly of the view as I go forward with this program that the lawyers around this country can play a very valuable role,’ he said, by helping people package their claims.”

Of course, we’ve been saying this for months, but it’s good to see Mr. Feinberg is finally beginning to accept – for the sake of all involved parties – that legal counsel can help this process move along. He cannot possibly do it all himself.

See the Washington Post report here:

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