Coastal Crisis – Oil Still On Beaches But Workers Let Go (VIDEO)


PERDIDO KEY, AL – At least 200 beach clean up workers in Northwest Florida are without a job tonight.

P2S Contract Employees showed up for work this morning, only to find out BP has dismissed them from duty on Perdido Key.

Channel Three’s Liz Nagy starts our Coastal Crisis coverage tonight.

“Right down here is a shelf of oil. That’s just a tongue that sticks out”

But no one’s on this part of Perdido’s beaches to pick it up.

PAUL ENRIGHT “This project is far from over.”

As of Sunday morning the company, P2S, that employs only locals got cut by BP. The reason?

TOM WOLFORD “Oil’s gone, need to start cutting back.”

Wrong answer, he says.

TOM WOLFORD “In the last four days alone I’ve uncovered 10,338 pounds of oil.”

This track is what’s left behind by sand sifters trying to clean up the surface. Take a look at this- all of it’s oil and tar balls. P2S clean up employees describe this sand as chocolate chip cookie dough… They say the tar balls are sitting just an inch or so below the surface, so wind brings it right to the top.

Down the beach clean up crews, with rakes, booties, and bright yellow vests are as obvious as ever.

TOM WOLFORD “We get released today and there’s a whole ‘nother company sitting out here doing the same thing my company’s doing. That’s where my questions come in.”

LNA “You don’t have any answers why they’re out here? I have NO CLUE why they’re out here.”

The working crew couldn’t or wouldn’t answer.

Who are you guys out here working for?


Either way these men say one look at the sand shows there’s plenty of work to go around.

TOM WOLFORD “Further east the beach is absolutely covered.”

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