Cleanup Work Still Far From Over In Some Spots (VIDEO)


GULF SHORES, Alabama – Mixed in with cleanup crews you’ll see a few vacationers on the shore – some find the workers a comfort rather than a curse.

“I think they need to be here for a long time, I think the oil’s going to be coming in long after the well’s shut off,” says homeowner Rose Marie Campbell.

They’re called shoreline cleanup assessment teams or SCAT – a dirty abbreviation for the dirty job of figuring out what needs to be cleaned and how to do it.

“They go foot by foot, mile by mile, assessing where we’ve had oil cleanup, what needs to be cleaned and then we reach a point where more cleanup does harm to the environment,” says USCG Rear Admiral Paul Zukunft. He’s the federal on scene coordinator. You may not see clean up crews every time you come out to the beach, but Coast Guard officials say they’re going to be here, and they’ll be here for awhile.

“Their interest here is to have these beaches ready for next spring break we cannot recover from the months we’ve lost this summer, but we want these beaches ready,” says Zuknft.

See video here:

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