Claims Paid Quick – With a Catch (VIDEO)


Long lines outside claims offices throughout the gulf coast as Feinberg’s latest offer to those damaged by the BP oil spill takes effect.

FOLEY, Alabama – They lined up early in Foley and waited as long as two hours. “It wasn’t bad,” says Wes Martin. “They’re working with everybody pretty well doing what they can to get them out of here.”

Most are signing up for the one-time “quick pay” option announced earlier this week by Kenneth Feinberg.

“They’re given a payment of five thousand for personal, 25 thousand for business if you sign a release you won’t sue em,” says Lee Turner.

There are over 166 thousand individuals and business that are eligible. You have to already been approved or received payment on an emergency claim. “I’m trying to get what I can and get out before they bail on us. That’s the way i see it,” says Martin.

It wasn’t just the “quick pay” option that kept things busy at the claims offices across the gulf coast. Interim payments could be started today as well as paperwork for the final payment.

“People right now are desperate.” Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon was in contact with Feinberg’s office Friday. He says he has mixed feelings about the quick pay policy. “If it will get some of the folks off of the BP dole that don’t deserve to be there and get them out of the system that’s great. I don’t want people out of desperation to have go to it because they don’t know when they are going to get a check. I’m very concerned about that.”

Folks in line today, didn’t seem too concerned. “I think we were treated very fairly so, I was very pleased,” says Turner.

Folks applying for the quick pay option were told they would receive a check in two weeks.

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