Coral Killer: Deep-water “Dead Zone” Scientifically Tied to BP Oil Spill


The post-spill recovery of the Gulf of Mexico took a couple of big hits this week – revelations that indicate a full recovery may take years to realize. NOAA released a “damage assessment” study showing that Gulf bottlenose dolphins – nearly two years on from the worst oil spill in U.S. history – are severely ill, exhibiting signs of anemia as well as lung and liver disease (see link...

From the Vault: The Gulf Coast is Littered with Broken Lives, Dashed Dreams and Depression; BP Must Make Victims Whole – Financially, Mentally and Physically


Ever wonder how former BP CEO Tony Hayward is doing now that he got his life back? Sometimes you have to wonder how Tony is faring these days back in the UK when you hear how brutally hard life has become for thousands of residents across the Gulf Coast. NPR has a gut-wrenching glimpse of just how hard things have gotten for victims of Mr. Hayward’s oil spill.

From the Vault: FDA Official Calls Independent Research on Seafood Contamination “Junk Science” – But Government Agencies Use Same Methodology and Lab


Originally posted Feb 19, 2011
It seems the “Mission Accomplished” crowd is dusting off a Bush-era tactic for their latest all-clear declaration, trying to brand impeccably conducted, lab-certified research on seafood contamination as “junk science.” We’ve see this same attack-the-science tactic on issues ranging from global warming to stem cell research.

From the Vault: Opening Waters Too Early


Originally posted 8/16/2010
“Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?” –Groucho Marx
What happens when the government sides with the oil company time and again over several months, doing things like low-balling oil-flow rates and allowing toxic dispersant to pollute the environment? You get a total lack of trust – and the conflict is now playing out in Mississippi.

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