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BP’s Politico puff piece wasn’t just shady journalism ethics — it was mostly a lie


BP, with a huge assist from the popular Beltway-insider website Politico, stirred up the muddy waters of the Deepwater Horizon spill aftermath this week when it published a corporate-love-letter-disguised-as-news entitled, “No, BP Didn’t Ruin the Gulf.” Anyone expecting humility from a firm whose court-certified wanton negligence killed 11 people and seriously polluted...

Jindal to embrace stealth tax hike?


Governor Bobby Jindal is said to have lost his “mojo” this legislative sessions. His plan to repeal the state income tax failed before it got started. His education reforms are on life-support due to successful court challenges to his plans for vouchers and public charter school supports. Yet, publicly he remains committed, he says to vetoing any tax that comes before him. He opposes the...

Stop the bass-ackwards plan for New Orleans tourism


There’s an old saying that he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. Well, here in New Orleans, the tourism industry is a double-edged sword. Ever since the first oil-and-gas crash of the 1980s and especially since Hurricane Katrina devastated the city in 2005, the Crescent City has depended on the kindness — and the tourism dollars — of strangers from all over the world to...



With documented evidence and testimony that BP has failed to preserve air and water samples containing oil, organic compounds and/or dispersant releases related to the DEEPWATER HORIZON catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, attorneys representing the United Commercial Fishermen of Louisiana, environmental organizations, public entities and businesses in states impacted by the disaster entered the U...

BP cooperates in building a better claims process related to the oil disaster.


DESTIN, FL (June 5, 2010)—Florida business owners, residents and those impacted by the Gulf oil catastrophe can learn more about the claims process established by BP at a series of seminars where attorneys will explain new protections for seeking damages. Since May 15, attorneys who are handling claims related to the Gulf oil spill recovery by property and business owners in the Florida...

Air quality testing in Venice, Louisiana near the DEEPWATER HORIZON oil spill shows level of toxins greater than 100x the amount safe to humans


Continued degradation of air quality in coastal communities very likely Stuart Smith, of Smith Stag, LLC, representing the Louisiana Environmental Action Network and United Commercial Fisherman’s Association today issued this statement: “On April 30, on behalf of citizens living and working in Louisiana near the British Petroleum catastrophe, I urged all officials working to resolve this man-made...

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