WATCH: Gen. Honore takes his ‘Green Army’ to TV


Recently I’ve told you about one of the more exciting pieces of environmental news we’ve had in Louisiana in some time: The new political crusade led by Gen. Russel Honore, the straight-talking Creole who won deserved high marks for the Katrina recovery in 2005. The now-retired general is working with long-time Louisiana environmentalists and with author John Barry, the former levee...

Natural gas rig suffers major blowout, then explodes, in the Gulf (with photos)


The Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in 2010 did little to slow the growth of oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, even as more bad news continues to come out about how that spill and the botched use of dispersant hammered the coastal environment. Nor were safety measures greatly enhanced — so it’s not surprising to see new, alarming reports of spills and mishaps. Today, a...

Coverup at the Crippled Fukushima Plant: “The Situation is Out of Control,” Says Nuclear Expert


Nightmare has become reality in Japan. It is feared multiple reactor meltdowns have taken place at the Fukushima plant, and nuclear explosions have released untold amounts of radiation into the environment. Meanwhile, the fission process inside the reactors continues unabated, leading one British scientist and nuclear expert, Dr. Christopher Busby, to suggest the "drastic" measure of lowering a...

Flyover Video: Heavy-Handed Cleanup Operations Are Making Pieces of Louisiana’s Barrier Islands Disappear


You can see giant cranes clawing and tearing away at the fragile shoreline, and huge floating "trash depots" that haul away tons of oil-soaked soil and marsh grasses and other debris from the spill. It's an ugly scene that BP and the federal government would rather keep out of view – so you'll definitely want to take a look. Bay Jimmy flyover to investigate destructive marsh "clean up" from...

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