BP Unified Area Commander Comes To Coast (VIDEO)


ORANGE BEACH, Alabama – The man in charge of restoring our coastline for BP came to the Alabama Gulf Coast Monday, and said the company will stay to make things right.

New BP Unified Area Commander Mike Utsler said his priorities were, “Number one, stay the course. Demonstrate to us that you’re going to continue to be here, continue to keep our beaches clean, continue to respond as we see issues, and continue to protect the shoreline.”

Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon was one of the area officials who met with Utsler to tell him what he wanted.

Kennon said his priority was “a pristine, new beach.”

When asked if it was reasonable to think things will be back to normal along the coast by next summer, Utsler said, “That’s certainly all of our intentions: to work toward that direction.”

Utsler also said there will be three components to recovery and restoration.

One of them was economic.

When asked if that meant more money would be coming to businesses that were hurting, Utsler said, “Appropriate to the challenges that we’re facing on an economic recovery, we’ll continue to work with the local officials, the businesses and the individuals.”

Another component is an environmental component.

Utsler said, “We’ll be looking at cleaning, as appropriate, below the sand surfaces, if, there is in fact, oil that has been buried by the tidal flushes.”

As for the lawsuits filed by Alabama Attorney General Troy King and others, Utsler said he couldn’t speak to issues concerning litigation.

See video here: http://www.wkrg.com/gulf_oil_spill/article/sssss/915132/Aug-16-2010_11-26-pm/

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