BP Contaminates Bank Property


Think all the really big oil spill issues are on the table? There’s a laundry list – dispersants, economic damage, flooding landfills with hazardous waste to note a few – but another is just now surfacing.

What about private property that became staging areas for all that HazMat activity? What’s a property owner to do about that contamination?

Well, if you’re Alabama’s largest bank, you give British Petroleum a chance to make it right (good luck with that), and then you haul them into court. Regions Bank says BP staged a cleanup operation – without permission – on waterfront property it owns on Perdido Pass worth about $10 million.

The has filed suit in Baldwin County Circuit Court, seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. Bank spokesmen told reporters that they tried for months to negotiate a settlement – to no avail.

The issue it raises: What about all those other cleanup sites?

See the Press-Register story here: http://blog.al.com/live/2010/09/regions_bank_says_bp_used_its.html

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