BP Cleanup Machinery Moving Out For Good (VIDEO)


FORT MORGAN, Alabama – This is what Gulf Coast residents have been waiting for for the last eleven months. The large machinery causing an eyesore on the beaches are packing up and shipping out Monday.

Strike teams will remain, however, if an issue of oil or tar mats does wash up again.

According to the people News 5 spoke to, they believe the area is clean for the most part. Mayors along the coastal areas have hired crews to perform their own tests, and they are also convinced that the oil has been removed as well as it can be.

Crews continue to scan along the coast of Fort Morgan Monday, spot-checking in different areas. BP personnel and the Coast Guard continue to dig holes three to four feet deep looking for oil buried beneath the surface.

Fort Morgan was the last section cleaned in the five-month deep-clean process. According to the cleaners, no tar rims have appeared recently – only a tar ball every so often.

There are still concerns about tar mats coming in off the water, but according to BP officials and the cleanup crews, the sand is clean.

See video here: http://www.wkrg.com/gulf_oil_spill/article/bp-cleanup-machinery-moving-out-for-good/1205799/Mar-28-2011_12-33-pm/

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