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The British press is starting to shamelessly advance the BP narrative on “what oil spill?”. The most flagrant hit comes from the Daily Mail, which says it’s all “spin” and things are really just fine. They even sent a reporter to the Gulf, who posed sifting clean sand between his fingers. No joke.

The Daily Mail first accuses President Obama for bashing BP to create political cover, then credits him for backing down in the face of that bogus NOAA report that the “vast majority” of the spill is gone. The hero of this PR fairly tale is, of course, the former British Petroleum. This from one previously oil-drenched location: “Moreover, if the U.S. TV news crews had returned just three days after their original visit, they would have seen that the black morass had already been removed by some of the 20,000 clean-up workers hired by BP. The workers are still there – only now they are using toothbrushes to sift out even the tiniest particles of oil.”

This is not just flag-waving point-of-view journalism…this is how BP marches back into its pre-spill status. Remember that before this, polling in Britain showed BP had higher enviornmental credibility than Greenpeace. Well, we can certainly agree that a cynical “spin” machine is at work. We just disagree as to where it’s coming from.

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