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  • I am the founder of a children’s environmental non-profit org. and also am completely committed to having our children become responsible partners with their planet. In that effort, I am completely invested in time to help the BP oil spill victims and raise their voices like a tsunami to let the public know the crisis is still their a growing.

    The Exxon spill produced scientists studies on the illness from the oil spill there and it was a given what was going to happen to those people!

    I just posted this yesterday on my site and I would like to interview you, and continue to use your blog as information on my Butterflies for Kids I Am A Planet Kid facebook site
    (facebook: Butterflies For Kids)
    —yesterday’s letter:
    Just sent this to ABC WEAR TV…saw something on Trisha James post on a piece they did on BP money going into the economy….so here goes…and I think I am in for the night…
    I am the founder of a children’s environmental non profit org. based in Erie, Pa. I have a comment on this story:
    BP fines from the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill are continuing to be used to strengthen Northwest Florida’s economy.

    An economist from UWF gave a recent update on the project money received. He says that Santa Rosa County has been doing especially well with it, using existing facilities in the county and bringing attractive new businesses.
    You have a lot of sick families in the gulf, and I have invested my time in their story for two years, and follow as many stories as I can and post them on my non profit website: Butterflies For Kids. You have sick people that haven’t been given money for medical bills. NBC did a piece two weeks ago about the dying and sick dolphins. The Exxon disaster has been following the people and sea life since their oil spill…the statistics on their finds prove the illnesses caused by crude and disbursent. NPR radio interviewed fishermen who took jobs to clean up the beach and were not allowed to wear protective gear. According to that interview, they would be fired if they did. I have posted on my facebook shared pictures of the lesions on these people…and should we be euphoric over the BP advertising that the gulf is back? Pictures of young children swimming in clear water. Please go to my facebook page and see the articles by magazines, journalists, attorneys, etc. who are reporting on the gulf families who are suffering economically and physically and our sea life that is still being effected. See
    Stories on the economic gain by BP’s dollars for communities should also be laced with stories on their health and those that cannot work any more. Every thing on my facebook is shared posts. The bottom line is: There are people who died, and there are dolphins and sea life that took their last dying breaths choking on oil. Those are also stories that are not only compelling but significant. If anyone wants to toot BP’s money horn. Great. I am not only mourning death’s, but am sickened at an environment that is still tainted and people that are sick and sea life swimming in 1.8 million gallons of disbursants dumped on our ocean surface and seafloor. I am teaching children to be a responsible partner with their planet. I want our Gulf families to know that there is a world of people that find their story significantly important. Diane Esser, Founder/Director
    Facebook: Butterflies For Kids

    I have but one question if you know where I can find the answer. Why wasn’t there an evacuation for these people? It would appear, that there should have been.

Stuart H. Smith is an attorney based in New Orleans fighting major oil companies and other polluters.
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