AP video dives into spill


If BP CEO Tony Hayward is set on clinging to his “what plumes?” public relations strategy, he’s not going to like a truly remarkable Associated Press video that is going viral around the Gulf spill community today. The video shows otherwordly images of underwater oil, adding to growing concerns about what’s actually happening underwater.

The AP’s Rich Matthews goes on a dive with Al Walker, who has actually spent years defending the oil platforms as beneficial for the Gulf, providing habitats and the like. But even he is clearly appalled by the spill and the surreal “snot balls” of oil, which can be seen in the video.

It’s worth noting that many experts are very worried that the BP “threshholds” for toxic harm to humans is set way too high. And seeing up close how the oil is breaking into strange structures and creating a film-like residue, not to mention cutting out layers of sea life, is critically important.

Mr. Hayward, you can view the video here.

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