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You may have noticed that I, and most of my fellow lawyers, stop well short of advising folks not to sign anything without professional legal advice. Frankly, that approach is a bit too self-serving to be credible and there are likely small claims that just don’t require legal counsel.

So it was interesting recently when one of the more intense oil spill media commentators and BP critics (and frequent guest on Anderson Cooper 360) offered just that advice. Douglas Brinkley, an author and presidential historian well-known in New Orleans for many things including his book about the Katrina disaster, has clearly formed strong opinions about the credibility of BP.

Douglas has the considerable advantage of third-party independence, and he has flatly suggested not signing anything with BP without getting advice first … see it for yourself here:[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4far0k2Tqc]

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