48 Hour Claims Promise a Bust


GULF SHORES, Alabama – Regena Rigdon is just starting her claims process. “I was so impressed. I got service immediately. The representative walked me through, she actually filed everything for me.”

That’s been the initial reaction from most people. But now after 48 hours and the Feinberg promise to have checks in hand, the impression is not as good.

“Has he delivered for the people around here that need it so badly?”

“Debbie, the jury is still out,” says Congressman Jo Bonner. “Big promises, big hopes and dreams, you’re exactly right. But so far the checks have not been delivered.”

There is a definite difference in the BP process and the Feinberg claims office but Feinberg may have under-estimated what he was taking on according to Gulf Shores Mayor Robert Craft. “I think it will take a little while to work through what BP has left. I’m not sure he understood how complicated that has become.”

The hope and promise of Feinberg’s Gulf Coast Claims Facility could be in jeopardy says Bonner. “He made some promises, a lot of promises. He gave a lot of people some real hope that help was on the way. We can’t let these people down again.”

A spokesperson with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility told us late this afternoon payments were made Wednesday and as of 5:15 p.m. Thursday they had just completed making more payments.

Amy Weiss says the process is ongoing and that “many existing claims are deficient since no documentation was required initially.”

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